Innovative online platforms

We support our dealers with a B2B online ordering platform and B2C sales support.

Our B2B online ordering site lets dealers see our inventory in real time, with a number of features to make a purchasing manager’s job easier. Our various B2C online sales platforms feature a locator for authorized dealers providing warranty service and in-store pick-up, giving dealers high visibility with consumers shopping online for specialized products.

This site is focused on promoting all our lithium-ion battery-powered product lines.

EGO Power+, Skil, Portable Winch, Maruyama et Jacto


For professionals and consumers shopping for forestry and harvester products.

Oregon, Portable Winch, PowerPro, Maruyama, EGO, SKil, Jacto


This exclusive, wide-ranging product line adapts and evolves along with the market.

Replacement Engines, generators, Water pumps and more