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Oregon forestry products have been part of our catalogue since the beginning. Oregon chains and guide bars are renowned for their quality and durability and can be found in most chainsaws sold worldwide. Our company has built a reputation and expertise in this field by being deeply involved in distributing this product range. Thanks to training courses, technical service schools, consultations on new products, safety awareness and education, our entire team has only gained from the manufacturer’s ongoing support to better serve all the Canadian dealers and forestry workers who have relied on us for generations.

Forestry accessories

In addition to the various components in a complete cutting system (chain, guide bar and sprocket), we also distribute a range of forestry accessories and workshop tools to maintain various chainsaw parts.

  • Automatic and bench grinders
  • Files and filing accessories
  • Chain repair workshop tools
  • Axes and arborist saws
  • Granberg chainsaw grinders
  • Protective equipment



We distribute the full range of Oregon products across Canada.


Growing demand for high-quality Canadian wood has pushed the forestry industry to adopt new technologies. Professional loggers gradually starting using mechanized cutting processes to meet the demands of a booming market. Oregon’s engineers were once again deeply involved in designing new chains and chain guides for multi-function felling heads from all the top brands. This partnership fosters steady quality and durability improvements for Oregon products, as they are tested and put to task in direct partnership with the manufacturers’ engineers. It’s no surprise then that all top OEM brands install an Oregon cutting system during final delivery of their equipment.

  • .404″ and 3/4″ chains
  • .404″ and 3/4″ Guide bars
  • .404″ and 3/4″ sprockets and noses
  • Automatic and bench grinders for .404″ and 3/4″ chains
  • Professional workshop tools


Oregon Harvester products for mechanical felling are the most widely used across the world.


We distribute the complete range of Portable Winch products and accessories, designed and manufactured in Quebec. This powerful and versatile tool helps hunters and foresters carry out work more efficiently while optimizing their physical labour. Tailored to the harshest conditions and steep terrain, portable winches can also help off-road vehicle riders when they veer off-road or off-trail. Need to pull a heavy load or go up a slope? Careful planning pulley use can give you a mechanical upper hand and decrease the power needed to move the load.

Versatile and easy to use

Capstan drums provide a considerable advantage over conventional winches. While conventional winches generally have a set rope length, capstan drums let you use any rope length you need. Capstan drums open up new options and could be key in various situations, for example when you need to make a hoist with pulleys to amplify your pulling power.

The other advantage of a portable capstan winch is that a single winch can do it all because it’s not permanently attached to a vehicle. It’s easy to install on any tree or vehicle to anchor the winch. Capstans are also easy to use and virtually effortless, so you can manoeuvre it with full control by applying tension to the rope yourself. Whether you’re a professional, an outdoor enthusiast or just need a reliable solution for removing felled trees, carrying heavy loads or big game, or getting a vehicle out of a tricky situation, the versatile Portable Winch is there for you.



A forester using a Portable Winch.


The lawn and garden industry is constantly changing, and our entire team is actively and passionately following new trends. We’re always on the lookout for new technologies. We’ve been distributing lithium-ion battery product lines since the early 2000s. Since then, we’ve developed expertise in sales, warehousing, delivery and customer service for this new market. We have what it takes to meet our customers’ needs, whether for residential landscaping or commercial equipment.

Multiple product lines on offer

As a result of consumer demand, most manufacturers now have lithium-ion battery-powered products in their ranges. Here a few examples:

  • EGO Power+: Tractors, lawnmowers, snow blowers, chain saws
  • Portable Winch: Portable winches
  • Maruyama: Backpack sprayer
  • Jacto: Backpack sprayer


The EGO Power+ brand is Canada’s #1 battery-powered platform.


We stock thousands of original and replacement parts and accessories to better serve our customers. Our team can advise on and prepare orders quickly for delivery to every Canadian province. We can very quickly meet growing needs, thanks to our state-of-the-art warehousing technology.

All-seasons department

In both summer and winter, we carry the parts and accessories you need to repair and maintain your landscaping and forestry equipment. We complement Oregon’s product offering with other leading brands to provide a complete catalogue to our customers.

  • Lifan: Motors, generators, pumps and pressure washers
  • Walbro, Zama and Tillotson: Carburation
  • Opti: Lubricants
  • LockNLube: Workshop accessories
  • 3M: Safety


Oregon replacement parts have a lifetime warranty.

Canadian distributor of Oregon products

Théo Turgeon Équipement is the largest Canadian distributor of Oregon Tool products:

  • Oregon Forestry Products
  • Oregon Harvester mechanical felling products
  • Oregon OEP Lawn & garden replacement parts
  • PowerPro hydraulic log splitters

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